Today – 148 Cases!

Vietnamese prostitute allowed in on a technicality?

The option for unmarried partners of Singaporeans or permanent residents to enter the Republic through “familial ties” was removed in March, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority said two days ago.

It was through this option that the first known case in a growing cluster linked to KTV lounges, a short-term visit pass holder from Vietnam, was allowed entry into Singapore. (Such visitors cannot engage in any employment, paid or unpaid.)

Her entry to Singapore was applied for by her Singaporean “boyfriend.”

Apparently “familial ties” does not necessarily mean blood relatives.

Don’t the authorities know that “Singaporean boyfriend” means her “pimp”?

Of course not, lots of bright people who run our government were brilliant students who went to top schools like Harvard, Princeton and the Madras, er I mean Massachusetts Institute of Technology, then returned to Singapore to cushy government jobs pushing pencils. They are innocent scholars totally oblivious of what’s happening in the real world, totally unaware that sexual services are blatantly being sold by prostitutes in these premises.

I’m glad some retard suddenly wised up and that this “familial ties” nonsense has now been scrapped.

The number of cases of COVID-19 infection arising from contacts with Vietnamese “social hostesses” proliferating our KTVs here have now ballooned to 148.

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