Today – Where is Mr Umbrage Ng Yat Chung?

Yesterday, a 16-year-old student was arrested for the murder of a 13-year-old and an axe was seized.

Front page headline today.

Today’s Straits Times prominently features an ad for Axe Brand medicated oil, on the same page.

Where is their CEO Mr Umbrage Ng Yat Chung?


UPDATE: Axe Brand has since explained in a Facebook post today that the ad placement “was not intentional by [the] company but a very unfortunate coincidence.” It added that the ad was arranged and booked last December with The Straits Times. “Our company is in deep sympathy and grief with the victim’s family,” the brand said in a Facebook post.

Indeed, Axe Oil has nothing to apologize for. The problem lies with insensitive Straits Times editors who should have exercised discretion.

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