A Place in My Heart

Lost Freight is a charming little coffee place operating out of a shipping container at Kunanyi, Tasmania. (”Kunanyi” is the traditional Palawa kani name for Mount Wellington.)

It is situated on the site of the grand Springs Hotel which was destroyed in the devastating 1967 bushfires of Tasmania.

Megan and Chris Spillane opened the wood-clad container café in 2017.

I enjoyed the coffee there. The youthful exuberant and jovial, friendly staff made me feel very much at home.

I felt cheerful each time I visited. My spirits were lifted each time I was there.

It is one of those places in my heart, a place I would love to visit again and again.

Some places tug at my heartstrings. Lost Freight Cafe is one such place. I’m awash with nostalgia and warm feelings when I think of this café. I’m reminded of good times, of friendship, of not being afraid to be myself in the presence of great friends who won’t judge me, of meaningful conversations about books and the state of the world, of intimate but not awkward moments of silence as soulmates basked in each other’s company, of fellowship, of long drives and scenic landscapes, of delicious home-cooked meals, of warmth, of fireplaces with crackling logs…

Ah, I must go back.

I have to.

A few more times before I die.

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