Padang in Sleaze Central? No, Hell No!

Along Orchard Road is a seedy building reeking of semen; it is also known as Four Floors of Whores.

Word has it that you can even get a blowjob at the carpark.

In the basement of that building is a Nasi Padang stall.

Don’t believe any of the positive reviews you read on TripAdvisor.

If you believe that TripAdvisor is trustworthy, then you must be at the height of your naiveté.

The stall has a wide selection of dishes but are overpriced. Plus I suspect most dishes are loaded with monosodium glutamate. You will be thirsty for hours after eating there. And worse, the lady boss is very rude. She is assisted by a morbidly-obese son who is even ruder, has zero EQ and should NEVER be in a customer-facing business. In fact, this retarded fat lump of lard with shitty attitude should be put away, out of sight. Both mother and son have no qualms yelling at customers! Given the fact that there are few halal places in that building, there are chances of survival for this eatery, but mark my words, fat boy will be the downfall of this stall.

I wonder why people put up with this kind of horrid service from owners of eateries who seem to forget that it is their customers who provide them with a means to make a living. I mean, fat boy won’t be able to even find a job as a sideshow freak in a traveling circus.

Most of my friends have boycotted this eatery; they have banned it. Why pay good money to eat monosodium-loaded food and get abused? Paying customers are not beggars!

If you are a masochist, or are into grotesquerie, or get orgasmic by seeing walking dollops of grossly-fat fucks in motion, by all means go check it out.

Just don’t puke into your plates!

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