No, Please No!

In early June, Singaporeans flocked to Sembawang to view a rare blooming of a large glorious flower of an exotic plant known as the elephant foot yam.

Within three days it was gone. Someone has cut the flower and stole it.

I was baffled; I wanted – no, NEEDED – to know why would people do something like that?

Indeed, what the fuck is wrong with these retards?

The following week, Singaporeans flocked to Hougang when news that a male Mandarin duck – such as the one above, and not native to Singapore – was spotted swimming in a canal.

In Chinese culture Mandarin ducks are symbols of blissful marriages.

When the beautiful duck was sighted, I prayed that the duck won’t turn into Confit de canard on someone’s dinner plate.

With Singaporeans, you can never tell.

The prick who cut this rare lovely flower away should be hunted down and have his prick cut off:

In the meantime, Singapore marine life enthusiasts are horrified over beach goers digging up sea creatures…

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