5-Star Review for whYZee Cakes? No Way!

Went online to a site calling itself “Best Cake Delivery in Singapore” and ordered a triple chocolate fudge drip cake that cost about 130 bucks. It was meant for a friend’s birthday, to be delivered a week later. Upon confirmation of order, the automated reply stated delivery time as 3-6pm. I didn’t have a choice of timing. However, I added a note saying “please try to deliver at 4pm.” 3-6pm was too large a window and was totally unacceptable.

Well, as expected nothing happened at 4pm on the day of the delivery. Went to their site and the only number was a WhatsApp number with an automated reply saying response will be in a couple of hours.

What the fuck!

Thankfully, it didn’t take long but the retard responding said “But you opted for delivery from 3-6pm what” or words to that effect. Argumentative eh? Hostile eh?

Long story short, the cake came finally (at about 5pm) – hard and dry – and honestly, my eight-year-old granddaughter could have baked a better cake. A Sara Lee cake costing five bucks would have tasted better.

And one day later, the company had the gall to send me this email:

Like us? Get a $7 voucher off your next order with these steps below!

  1. Leave us a 5-Star Google Review!
  2. Send us a Screenshot!

Take a screenshot of your review and Whatsapp us at 9773 2434.

  1. Get a $7 Code off your next Order!

Receive a one-time $7 Discount Code off your next order, as simple as that!

So the next time you respond to fancy ads by people calling themselves the best this and that, kick yourself in the butt as I just did, and the next time you see 5-star reviews, don’t believe any of that.

5-star reviews are submitted by idiots who are greedy for free $7 vouchers, so they can buy some more crappy cakes.

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