Dr Who?

During the pandemic, some people write books; others buy doctorate degrees.

An acquaintance was happy to brag to me that he can now be addressed as “doctor.”

He has taken the opportunity during the various lockdowns to get himself a doctorate degree, er, sorry, two doctorate degrees.

Yes, two, not one.

Having nothing much to do myself, other than scratching my balls, I searched and found that he “studied” with an obscure, self-accredited school (with a ridiculous name) I have never heard of and it’s all easy-peasy: submit a couple of papers – he didn’t even have to write them himself (some “hired guns” in India did it for him) – do some “coursework” and he ends up with a DBA as well as a PhD.

Two for three price of one. Great deal.

Well, good for him.

Among us, he’s always been known as a bit of a con, anyway.

When he put the “Dr” in front of his name in his LinkedIn profile, a group of us who saw that greeted it with howls of derision.

His assumption that people will now respect him because of his “Dr” title is delusional.

But, well, whatever makes him happy!

And we are all more than happy to make him happy by addressing him as “Dr Dr So-and-so.” We promise to keep a straight face while doing it.

Two “doctorates” mah, so “Dr Dr.”

Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat.

That’s Latin for “Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad.”

Indeed, the seeds of our own destruction often comes from within.

What’s next for our newly-minted “Dr”?

A “professorship”?

Why not?

Everyone’s a professor now.

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