One More Con on LinkedIn

I chanced upon an acquaintance’s profile on LinkedIn and noticed he has listed universities he has “graduated” from – all top schools, including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Cambridge, Oxford, Tsinghua, Tohoku and Sorbonne.

I know it’s impossible. This guy is a relatively young fellow and even a genius could not have attended all those universities.

Besides, he was assigned to do some work on a consulting engagement I was directing before and I know what he is capable – and incapable – of.

Troubled, the concerns of some of our peers were conveyed to this retard.

His reply:

It’s okay 🙂 I’ve had many naysayers over the years, and I don’t think I need to prove anything to them.

Everything listed under “Education” are those with coursework, transcripts, and diplomas/certs. Seminars that come with certificates are listed under the “Licenses and Certificates” section. Most of the schools in “Education”, I am a card-carrying member of their respective alumni association.

In short, in circumstances where I do need to present official credentials, I can.

As for not being too specific or detailed on LinkedIn, I don’t think LinkedIn should be a resumé or CV. There are some info best kept private such as dates of attendance, as these can be used for determining age. We’re not getting any younger! 😉

I must say, I laugh at how myopic the view of some people.

Regardless, I am heartened with your concern, and that you took time and effort to inform me.

OK, I deliver a speech once to a Japanese association, some members of the association work in the Imperial Household Agency, I know it’s a stretch, but perhaps I should list on my CV that I am an advisor to the Japanese Emperor?

I’ve attended some Harvard courses before – the shortest Harvard course is only six weeks long – shall I then also say that I am a Harvard graduate?

Should someone also list McDonald’s “Hamburger University” as his or her educational accomplishment?

Embellisment is embellishment and fraud is fraud. The profile pictured above is clearly fake but a person who embellishes is as good as a fraudster, right?

I have blogged about LinkedIn before. Just do a search on my blog.

Cons and scammers – and fraudsters and retards – continue to flourish there.

You may impress the gullible but everyone knows a fraud when they see one; plus those who haved worked with you before know your caliber, or lack thereof. You are Harvard material? In the end, you’ll be known as a clown, that’s all. I mean, come on, poser, who are you kidding?

I have no alternative other than to label this guy a con artist.

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