The Past Year

Glad to be back.

Hope to see you here every Monday.

Have decided to do away with pictures, unless they are abso-fucking-lutely necessary to illustrate something. The search for copyright-free useable pictures takes up more time than I’m willing to spend.

Anyway, I “hibernated” to write a book. It will be launched this month.

Now, a quick recap of 2021; the past year in a nutshell:

  1. Osteoarthritis of left hip diagnosed in February, had to use a cane but finally weaned off it in November
  2. did three rounds of lectures at the uni, made some moolah
  3. PH left Singapore, then out of sight out of mind; disappointing behavior indeed
  4. I brought LAS’ book to fruition
  5. PC left Guadalajara and settled in Corvallis, Oregon
  6. I reconnected with a very broken and wounded ST who got what she wanted out of me and conveniently disappeared again; well, when people need help, they know how to track you down, and when you have outlived your usefulness, they know how to become scarce; so, no expectation, no disappointment
  7. savored butter coffee at Heap Seng Leong for old times’ sake, fuck cholesterol!
  8. met the brilliant Prof RP; if all young people are like him, there is hope for humanity
  9. SN went back to her country, then vanished, only to send a cryptic message, and a ravishingly glam photo months later, and then started communicating (meaning flirting) with me almost weekly
  10. I enjoyed – to my surprise –The Thousand Crimes of Ming Tsu
  11. JL got married to a great gal
  12. QN lost VDN 700,000,000 to a scammer (“cheated my money, cheated my feelings”)
  13. RSY told me of his MSA diagnosis; I informed RL, but not a pip squeak from him; what a sympathetic fella
  14. totally unhinged mother-fucking village retard emerged to roil our neighborhood with his banging and knocking during odd hours of the day and night; if people don’t hang for murder, I would have killed the bastard myself,  anyway, plans are afoot to inflict on this fucktard a hammerblow, eliminating this pest and sending him to burn in hell for all eternity
  15. sadly, nice neighbor GBL passed away; those who ought to die don’t die, those who deserve to live long lives, die prematurely, and they tell me there is a god in heaven
  16. I wasted money on the worst James Bond movie ever
  17. MA moved to New York due to family issues; heard he’s coming back though
  18. SC got pregnant – finally, and via IVF – only to suffer a miscarriage; sad!
  19. enjoyed dinner for two at Odette that cost almost 2k (three Michelin stars, Best Restaurant in Singapore, #2 in 2021’s list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and #8 in 2021’s list of World’s 50 Best Restaurants, blah, blah, blah) luckily I wasn’t the one paying
  20. a happy reunion with TGB after 40 years; but his constant spouting of religious mumbo jumbo can be annoying; lots of friends my age have suddenly become religious, what the fuck!? Face to face with mortality or what?

And what a year!

I didn’t die.

That’s the main thing.

More next Monday.

That is, if I haven’t croaked before that.

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