The Watch

Dying watch brand Swatch came up with a brilliant idea.

Sell a cheap version of Omega at S$372/-.

Well, eleven versions to be exact.

For those who crave for the iconic Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Co-Axial Master Chronometer Professional, the only watch won by NASA astronauts and the watch any serious collector must have, which retails for around S$10k and up, Swatch offered a chance to own a cheaper version.

(The Swatch Group owns Swatch, Omega, Longines and Tissot.)

Swatch did not say that the collection would be limited or one-off, but that did not stop retards from gathering outside the Swatch store at Ion Orchard from as early as 5.30am on the launch date (on the third Saturday of March). The store opened at 10am.

(The other Swatch store at Marine Bay Sands also encountered huge, unruly crowds.)

Swatch stores in New York, London and Melbourne were swamped too. The Melbourne store requested for police assistance with crowd control. In London, the store had to close temporarily.

Back in Singapore, things got really chaotic at Ion Orchard and police were called. One idiot in the unruly mob even reportedly taunted the cops to “use your gun and shoot me.”

All for a watch?

What the fuck!

But not all successful buyers are gloating.

Complaints quickly showed up on social media.

“Honestly the watch feels super super super cheap,” a customer who purchased one wrote on Facebook. “And the dye on the watch seems to leak into your skin.”

What do you expect? An Omega for 300 bucks?!

Come on!

Use your brains!

You are he result of 3.8 billion years of evolutionary success.

Act like it!

Fucking retards!

Well, that didn’t stop scalpers from reselling the Swatch watches for as high as S$19,000/- for the full set!

I bet some sucker bought the set!

You know what’s so scary about these retards?

They breed.

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