The War

Unlike the pusillanimous HSBC, I will not avoid the word “war.” I will call a spade a spade.

HSBC should learn from McKinsey; the over-rated firm doesn’t seem to flinch when the media exposed it for consulting for both makers of addictive opioids as well as government regulators.

At the same time the FDA was replying on McKinsey’s advice to ensure drug safety and protect American lives, the firm was also being paid by the very companies fueling the deadly opioid epidemic to help them avoid tougher regulation of these dangerous drugs.

What a fucking unprincipled and diabolical company without a moral compass or conscience!

McKinsey’s crimes are many – McKinsey’s heads going to jail and all – but I’ll reserve these for another time. Yup, how often do you hear of consulting companies’ CEOs going to jail? If you hear of any, he’s likely to be from McKinsey.

Nowadays, McKinsey is just a brand. Its glory days are long over.

(Whatever happened to that saying by Socrates that goes “Regard your good name as the richest jewel you can possibly be possessed of?”)

Thinking of McKinsey reminds me of all the famous brands of cars from Germany – most have historical Nazi origins and links. The retards behind these companies today are all heirs of Nazi fortunes. McKinsey, like these cars, is badly tainted.

Now, back to the war in Ukraine, my father said Vladimir Putin couldn’t help it.

“His balls were squeezed,” the old man pronounced.

The old man, born in 1931, is a retired political analyst. He is fit – he will outlive me – and is still mentally as sharp as a tack; probably sharper.

He claims that even credible anti-Russian hardliners believe Russia was provoked into invoking war.

A friend of mine blames the Americans.

“Those fucking Americans, all shit stirrers and warmongers, have been pushing for the expansion of NATO following the collapse of the Soviet Union,” he said.

And someone I know from my weekly golf driving range visits echoed a somewhat similar sentiment.

“Volodymyr Zelenskyy is nobody but a puppet being manipulated by Biden,” declared this obnoxious and super-irritating self-proclaimed expert on every conceivable subject in the world.

Yup, this highly-opinionated prick thinks he is the only person in the entire universe who is right about anything and everything. This conversation killer is often referred to as “Mr Coitus Interruptus” because each time this spastic opens his mouth, nobody wants to engage with him and all conversations stop.

A friend in Germany told me “We must not disregard the fact that Ukraine was considered to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world, with a system of oligarchy no different from that of Russia.”

(Doesn’t he realize that Germany, who can’t do without Russia’s natural gas, is Putin’s prime enabler?)

Anyway, whatever the reasons, none of these can be considered casus belli, none justifies Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Nothing can justify the horrific torture and massacre in Bucha and Mariupol. Recently, distressing images of dead civilians with hands bound and executed flooded the media, attesting to a horrific war crime, a genocide perpetuated on Ukranians, inhabitants of a nation Putin has insisted are “one people” with the Russians.

Indeed, these atrocities, these systemic mass killings were – and still are – being committed against exactly the innocent civilians Putin’s war is supposed to be “liberating” from “Nazism.”

Wars make victims of  everyone.

One of my cigar smoking buddies heard from expat friends who have children in international schools here in Singapore that the Russian kids are being bullied.

Russian restaurants here have received hate mail.

The Ukrainians have asked CIPC (Committee, International of Pipe Clubs) to ban the Russian Pipe Club.

But why aren’t Chinese pipe makers and Chinese pipe clubs boycotted for Beijing’s depredations in Xinjiang?

Isn’t it all getting out of hand?

There is no good war.

War does not determine who is right, only who is left.

Beating up the kids?

Attacking Russian restaurants?

Politicizing a hobby?

I spend a great couple of weeks in Russia back in 2016; the friendly babushka who gave up her seat in the train for me (which I politely declined, she being older) did not invade Ukraine.

Today, she’s suffering because Putin went to war.

Because of sanctions, there are now shortages in the shops and prices are rising.

What the fuck was RASPutin thinking?

What the fuck are the school bullies thinking?

What the fuck are those senders of hate mail thinking?

What the fuck are CIPC leaders thinking?

Schlockmeisters from both sides as well as from China and the US are heavily involved in propaganda blitzing on all media platforms.

Putin told his people his goal was to “demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine” and to protect the Ukrainians from genocide but there were no Nazis and no genocide!

Many are now unable to differentiate truths from untruths, objective facts from conspiracy theories, right from wrong.

Many in Singapore have suddenly become war experts, but many of these retards are making the mistake of argumentum ad ignorantiam, or arguing from ignorance.

Let wisdom, rationale, reason and discernment prevail please!

Lives are at stake!

This is not a game of cards!

This is your life and mine!

Indeed wars wreck lives and spread suffering far beyond the battlefield.

So what’s the solution?

“The problem is Putin and the solution is Xi,” said my ex-colleague, who’s now living in Tasmania.

A wise man of few words, he has hit the nail on the head.


Yes, Emperor Xi Jinping is likely to be the solution.

Go figure.

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