The Big Quit

In February last year, Anthony Klotz, associate professor of management at Texas A & M University predicted that “the great resignation is coming” and with that, one of the defining phrases of the pandemic was born.

Klotz cited four reasons for the resignations: a backlog of pent-up resignations from the first uncertain year of the pandemic, when people stayed in jobs they otherwise might have left.

Secondly, workers were burn out.

The third reason is linked to what psychologists call Terror Management Theory and the idea that people confronted with death or serious illness ted to reflect on how much meaning and contentment exists in their lives.

Finally, there was the unexpected freedom that millions experienced when the pandemic forced them to work at home.

Not sure if he’s part of The Great Resignation, but Klotz himself has quit from Texas A & M to take a new job in the UK, at University College London’s school of management.

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