The Reunion

Tommy Wong’s father was tortured by the Japanese during the Second World War.

The poor man was reduced to skin and bones; he was shell-shocked and suffered from anxiety and fear and had nightmares for the rest of his life.

The deterioration of his father and the violence he saw during the fall of Malaysia and Singapore to Japanese forces traumatized Tommy Wong deeply, and eventually led him to a life dedicated to the defense of his country and family.

Tommy Wong first joined the Singapore Volunteer Corp in 1964 and then the regular service after the formation of the Singapore Armed Forces in 1965, where he served for 25 years before retiring in 1984 as a major.

In the mid-70’s, I worked as Tommy Wong’s PA while serving my National Service in RSAF Tengah Air Base.

Tommy Wong is 83 now, sprightly, cheerful and remains a great raconteur.

I managed to catch up with him in February – he bought me lunch at his club – and he regaled me with his life stories from 12pm to nearly 4pm!

A very long lunch indeed, but never a dull moment!

Always an enriching experience to learn from great men!

What a delightful reunion indeed, a reunion after 45 long years!

We met again in April for another long lunch and again, I learned a lot from Major Wong.

Indeed, fine gentlemen from the old school are a rarity today.

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