The Un-masking

A flight attendant said Elon Musk exposed himself and propositioned her for sex. Musk reportedly paid US$250,000/- for her silence.

During a late 2016 flight to London aboard a Gulfstream G650ER, the flight attendant said Musk asked her to come to his room “for a full body massage.”

When she arrived, the flight attendant found that Musk “was completely naked except for a sheet covering the lower half of his body.” During the massage, Musk exposed his erect penis and then touched her and offered to buy her a horse if she would “do more.”

Wait, an “in-flight massage”? What the fuck? I’ve flown business and first-class since I was a kid – yes, I was a privileged fat brat, what’s your problem? – even on private jets but I’ve never gotten an “in-flight massage.” The closest thing I’ve gotten to that is a free massage in Virgin Atlantic’s first-class lounge in London.

Anyway, after the flight attendant reported the incident, she was paid US$250,000/-. (Probably, the fastest 250K she would ever make!)

Business Insider broke the news in May.

In response Musk said there was “a lot more to this story.”

I’m sure, I’m sure. Lots more, lots more.

Jack Welch’s reign at GE paved the way for bosses with near total impunity.

His behavior seemed to say to corporate leaders “Now that you are boss, be sure to behave like total assholes. It’s your right!”

I’ve encountered many such douche bags.

The worse are those who have risen to the top because they were simply successful as salespeople. Examples are many IBM country general managers and Deloitte partners. Back in the day when Deloitte made a near-fatal mistake of paying off some Coopers & Lybrand partners to join the firm, we veterans discovered that most of these partners were absolute pricks! Same thing when IBM acquired PWC, the assholes and spastics showed up! Many were scumbags who had absolutely no competency other than being able to sell shit and to gouge clients. They possessed zero interpersonal skills and were not collegial with the people they worked with. They were crowned top dogs and were tolerated because they were able to bring in business, nevermind the fact that, internally, they often leave a bloody trail of broken bodies behind, nevermind the fact that they stepped on just about every toe.

I know because I have been enticed with good money to counsel many of these jokers. I sent them off for psychotherapy instead.

Most of these diabolical honchos also harbored ugly pasts they wanted to keep secret.

What about you?

Are you hiding a dark past, my friend?

Are you another low-life like Musk or Carl Lentz, Prince Andrew, Vince McMahon, Ravi Zacharias, Armie Hammer, Bill Hybels, and Madison Cawthorn?

Do you have a skeleton or two in your closet?

What is the price you are paying for covering it up?

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