The Liar

I am mentally and emotionally exhausted by all the drama, the lies and half-truths, the surprises as well as the twists and turns associated with some people.

Some of these spastics underestimate me.

I mean, I know more than I say, think more than I speak, and notice more than they realize.

But some people think I am stupid. They forget what I am qualified and trained for, my decades of experience and they forget how old I am. They think I’m a child who can be lied to, or a kid who is clueless.

Well, whatever.

I don’t have the energy to unpack loads of codswallop from such scum bags.

Am I making too much of it? Not a bit.

As I age, I have eliminated lots of undesirable attitudes from my being, but anger is one emotion I’m more than happy to retain and to continue having.

I am angry – and extremely impatient – with people who are stupid and I am angry when I see injustice, bullying, hypocrisy and greed. (Trust me, I know the difference between those who hoe the land and feed the soil and those who came to grab the fruits and then turn their backs on us.)

No, it has nothing to do with “righteous anger” because in no way am I righteous.

Yes, I hate liars.

I really get ruled up when being lied to.

Dishonest douche bags who lie through their teeth occupy the top of my shit list.

I have no headspace for crooks and bottom feeders who lie with impunity.

I take being lied to so personally because I’m one of the most understanding people ever.

I hate being strung along.

Sure, shit happens, life doesn’t go as planned, feelings change,

I get it. But to lie to me is such an unnecessary slap in the face because you literally have NO reason to.

I no longer have time for such retards.

The brain region called the hippocampus is vital for personal memories of what, where and when something happened to you.

I may forgive but I won’t forget.

Hell, no!

Don’t fuck with me!

When I catch a wiff of dishonesty, I burn the bridges.

I am a simple man.

But I know in my heart of hearts, my anger will pass.

It will pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.

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