The Worst Years

Hong Kong’s population of 7.4 million is shrinking.

Some residents are even abandoning their expensive cars in carparks in their haste to get out.

Almost 150,000 have left since the end of 2021.

In April, Willie Walsh, director-general of the international Air Transport Association, the trade group of airlines, said in a media briefing: “Hong Kong as an international hub airport has slipped; it is effectively off the map now. And I think it is going be difficult for Hong Kong to recover.”

Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit Hong Kong, at least 120-130 private jets would be parked outside a dedicated terminal at the city’s bustling international airport. But when Justin Yeung, strategy head at Hong Kong-based business jet operator Metrojet, went down there to do a count in February, he found just 30.

Those who couldn’t stand the heat in the kitchen blamed the national security law imposed by Beijing  in 2020.

Hong Kong’s plight today is self-inflicted.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Who instigated Hong Kongers to start those riots?

Who financed those riots?

A million people on the street suddenly all had black t-shirts, umbrellas, gas masks and knew how to make Molotov cocktails?

Wow! Who’s the shit stirrer behind the scene?

What were students – who should be in school – doing, throwing firebombs and destroying properties and beating up policemen?

And now you want to leave?

Yeah, cry me a river!

It breaks my heart to see one of my favorite cities reduced to what it is today.

The shenanigans of the immature, the naive and the manipulated have resulted in Hong Kong’s recent anti-democratic election of its hardline ex-security Tsar as new chief executive with an electorate numbering less than 0.03% of the city’s population, voting as instructed, an “election” (more a “selection”) contradicted by Article 45 of the Basic Law, which states “the ultimate aim of the law is the selection of the chief executive by universal suffrage in accordance with democratic procedures.”

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