The Best Years

I’ve come across many young people in their 30’s holding big jobs but they are in over their heads. They can’t really handle it.

Wisdom comes from experience. It takes years to acquire personal experience. (You can’t get that from reading a book or attending training.) With enough experience, your expertise is honed and your maturity lends a stabilizing factor. Your life will not be so chaotic. There is less need to seek therapy of any kind, including “retail” therapy (“shop, shop, shop” because “sale, sale, sale”) when all your free time is spent scrolling through shopping sites and you need a room in your house to store those purchases shipped to you. Some of these cartons delivered to chronic shopaholics remain un-opened, because the thrill is in buying (hitting the “check out” button) rather than anything else.

We older people are fonts of wisdom, but we are largely ignored.

The problem is many young people think it’s humiliating to seek advice from old farts like us. So they end up with needless suffering.

Consider these facts:

The average age of Nobel Prize winners is 62 years old.

The average age of the presidents of prominent companies in the world is 63 years.

The average age of the pastors of the 100 largest churches in the US is 71.

The average age of the popes is 76 years.

This tells us in a way that it has been determined, that the best years of your life are not when you are in your 30’s.

A study published in New England Journal of Medicine found that at age 60, you reach the TOP of your potential and this continues into your 80s.

So, don’t worry about getting old.

Just don’t do anything stupid, like that reckless old bitch Nancy Pelosi; yes, that shit stirrer who poked the hornet’s nest last week by visiting Taiwan – against President Biden’s wishes – and putting the lives of millions of Taiwanese at risk.

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