The Ill-mannered

I know a doctor whose demeanor says “You are an interruption to my life.” I bet if he smiles, it will snow in Singapore.

His boss is no better. His boss knows me, in fact he rents space in my wife’s surgery, but whenever he sees me, he will see right through me, as if I don’t exist, as if I’m invisible.

Both doctors are antithesis of people’s impression of doctors.

Perhaps this is why people joke that the local medical degree MBBS stands for “Mouth Big, Brain Small.”

My sister-in-law has three sons. At family gatherings, all three boys have never made an attempt to greet me. I’m not demanding homage because I’m an elder but their behavior speaks of their upbringing. Yes, I blame it on their parents, very well-educated parents too.

I’ve just learned that the oldest boy is entering medical school.

I wonder if he will turn out to be another asshole doctor with zero EQ and zero interpersonal skills and zero bedside manners.

Physicians, heal thyselves!

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