The Return

The return to normality also means the return to assholism and douchebaggery.

At a crowded food court in Vista Point, Woodlands, I was chased off a table because two cock-sucking bitches claimed they have already “reserved” the table. They placed a plastic card (expired SMRT card?) on the table and used that to “chope” the table. I had thought that it was something someone threw away, so I sat at the table, and beckoned my companions to join me, but when those ugly witches came back to the table, they looked at me like I sank the Titanic, killed Princess Diana and invaded Ukraine and they rudely told me and my buddies to fuck off. What polite, ex-convent schoolgirls!

Those fat lumps of lard should try to live in Hong Kong, where sharing table is a must – unless it’s in a five-star highend restaurant – or the eatery will boot you out. Here in Singapore, it is common to see selfish retards occupying an entire table when there is still room for a couple more diners. Worse are those absolute asshole dipshits who occupy an entire table by themselves, leaving the rest of us wandering around looking for seats while carrying trays of steaming hot food in our hands.

At a taxi stand, taxis dropping off passengers refused to pick me because the drivers claimed they had “bookings” to go to.

The bad habits are all back.

Too bad the pandemic didn’t kill off those who really deserve to die.

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