The Disgusting Old Coffin Dodger

You struggled all your life.

Now in your 70’s you finally have some money.

So you ditch your long-suffering wife who stood by you all those years, helping you raise a family.

You hook up with a Vietnamese slut who’s 25.

You seriously think a 25-year-old will love you.

You are deluded if you believe someone younger than you by at least 45 years is genuinely in love with you.

I know a really old geezer who’s said to be humping a girl younger than his granddaughter!

Oh my!

Not only is his shriveled dick being sucked, all his money will be sucked out of his bank accounts too.

Then you go out and buy a loud, red Lamborghini

For a supposedly religious person, a vegetarian moreover, a sutra-chanting Buddhist, you are so materialistic, aren’t you?

Honestly, I don’t care about your 25-year-old girlfriend or your fancy wheels. It’s your prerogative if you want to get conned or become known in town as a subject of derision.

You may think you are living the high life but old fogies driving sports cars is so cliche.

Some people are so far behind in a race that they think they are ahead.

I just find you utterly gross and disgusting.

Each time I see a half-dead, disease-ridden old fart behind the wheel of a sports car, with a young bitch next to him, carrassing his dead dick, I want to puke.

What the fuck are you trying to prove to yourself?

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