The Prince of Wails

Earlier this month, that scumbag Prince Charles – he of the sausage fingers (they must have poked into orifices they shouldn’t have) – became king when his mother finally croaked.

Shortly after, videos of two temper tantrums of his (involving a leaking fountain pain and a pen tray, gift from his sons) emerged and went viral. (In one of the videos he was hissing like a pissed-off tomcat.)

The New Yorker once described Charles as “a ninny, a whinger, a tantrum-throwing dilettante.”

Totally agree!

The Prince of Wails is now the monarch!

Monarchies should be abolished!


The Greeks got rid of their kings, Indira Gandhi transformed the maharajahs into paupers and Mahathir turned the sultans into clowns prancing around in those ridiculous costumes that even my pet dogs refuse to wear.

But the Brits are enamored with jokers strutting all over dilapidated castles in silly, bemedaled uniforms they awarded themselves, complete with frilly epaulettes. The idiotic Brits seem quite happy that their taxes are paying for assholes like Charles to have butlers squeeze his toothpaste for him and holding his shriveled dick for him to pee.

So the British monarchy may continue to last for a long time more.

Hope William becomes king soon. Him, I wouldn’t mind so much, but Charles?!

Jesus fucking Christ!

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