The Con Job

The pandemic has resulted in those who haven’t lost their jobs with extra cash to burn. Not being able to travel for a couple of years, those with money splurged on fancy meals when the opening happened.

Many restaurants now require reservations and many impose two seatings.

Many are also taking the opportunity to fleece their customers. Gullible retards influenced by ads on social media flock to highly-promoted eateries and many such places are fully booked for months.

Most of these eateries charge a bomb for hardly edible food. I heard of one that even insists that their would-be customers complete a qualifying questionnaire before they are deemed good enough to be admitted. Reverse psychology? The harder it is to get a reservation, the more you want to get in. What a con job!

Stupid diners subject themselves to such humiliation just to get a reservation and bragging rights.

Yes, Virginia, there’s a sucker born every minute.

And yes, Virginia, restaurants like this will go sink one day like that floating restaurant in Hong Kong.

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