The Show Reel

Social media massively magnifies whatever that has been posted.

People now take photos of their food before they eat.

It’s a new form of saying grace at the table.

All those showboating by the nouveau riche or victims of “lifestyle creep” can dampen the spirit of others.

Social media breeds braggarts because it encourages everyone to post only happy, self-flattering shit. You see your friends vacationing on a sunny day, stuffing their face with fake caviar, gulping raw oysters and drinking imitation champagne; smiling, social, and cheerful, nary a care in the world.

They might have been suffering from explosive diarrhea half an hour after the discounted oysters, or crying their eyes out because they couldn’t fuck to orgasm the night before or puking their guts out due to food poisoning or yelling at their father and mother earlier in the day, or slapping their domestic helper this morning, but you would never know. You only see the faux facade you were meant to see.

Seeing post after post of retards purportedly living the life gets tiresome after a while. The only people they impress are themselves. The rest of us are busy snickering away.

So for those who need such crutches to feel important, please help prevent (your own) depression by cutting down on your bullshit make-believe alternate social media world.

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