The Copy

Each Financial Times’ weekend edition features a very well-written weekly column entitled Lunch with FT. Each week, it features a journalist from FT interviewing a notable newsmaker over lunch.

Of course locally, The Straits Times, never original, copied the concept for its Sunday papers.

But while the FT interviews world- renowned luminaries whose views are worth listening to, The Sunday Times have just one so-called “journalist” – actually the editor herself, who by the way, is a narcissist famous – or should I say “infamous” for a couple of other reasons; (those in the know, know) – conducting the interviews and enjoying fancy lunches at the papers’ expense. So far, she has interviewed – and taken selfies (imagine that!) with – a crude pig-farmer-turned-supermarket-boss, an obnoxious wannabe Perry Mason-turned-government-minister, the owner of a chain of sleazy hotels that charge by the hour, a porcine cock who runs coffee shops, two semi-deranged creators of memes, an egg seller, and also the “youthful, photogenic” and “humble” founders of the worst parcel delivery service in Singapore. (A stress on being “humble” that sits alongside an almost Napoleonic sense of one’s central place in the universe – the “God has called us” type of humble.)

The utterly shitty column is an absolute waste of time.

A lot of ink and newsprint squandered away as well. Not to mention the money I’m paying for my subscription.

Granted, imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but apparently the super bright minds behind The Straits Times fail even at flattery.


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