Our Super Hero

An asshole by the name of Allan Chua Kim Wee is a model citizen, the type that every Singaporean should aspire to.

He makes a living by working as a customer due diligence analyst at Standard Chartered Bank, but in his spare time he loves to catch people doing something wrong and he will take photos with his phone and submit it to a government whistle-blowing app.

On Christmas Day of 2021, he saw a 74-year-old man smoking at the foot of a HDB flat, so, naturally Allan the Punisher, took photos wanting to submit it to OneService app, something he has been doing to entertain himself every so often, that is, other than fondling his tiny dick.

Imagine what happened next. Of course the old man got upset and there was an argument.

But retarded assholes like Allan Chua are all cowards so when he saw the old man advancing towards him with his walking stick, he panicked and attacked the old man.

A fight ensued.

Court reporting says Allan Chua – who is 36, big, strong and friendly, like that Sikh in the old Standard Chartered Bank TV commercial – then lowered his stance and charged towards the old man, using his right shoulder to hit the old man in the stomach area. The 74-year-old fellow who could only walk with the help of a walking stick, fell backwards from the impact and hit the back of his head on the ground and died.

Assholes like Allan Chua are a dime a dozen, unfortunately. Singapore is full of them.

Big bullies all.

He should be charged for murder and hanged.

God or Buddha or Allah should do a due diligence on the lives of such douche bags and send them to burn in hell for all eternity.

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