That Chinese Balloon

So they shot down Emperor Xi’s ball?

What’s the big fucking deal?!

It’s just an over-inflated incident.

The US deployed fighter jets to shoot down a meteorological balloon from China, designed to monitor weather.

Yup, a weather balloon.

Never mind the fact that it carried a payload the size of a jetliner.

Yeah some giant thermometers and barometers in there huh?

And maybe even a bomb or two, why not?

Never mind how my ancient mobile phone – which is light enough for my pet canary to pick up with its puny beak – has the technological prowess to check the weather of every continent, every country on planet earth, right down to an hourly basis.

No need for me to launch any bloody balloon!

Next question please.

Come on, moron, you must be retarded not to know that countries spy on each other all the time, hey, even our government does that, don’t you know?

That balloon was probably one of many hovering not only over US skies but over the skies of every bloody country in the world.

Biden should thank Xi for his balloons because they are gifts dropped into his lap, for Biden to exploit the situation, for demented Joe to milk it for all he can in flamboyant propagandistic terms to appeal to an idiotic American population.

By the way, if you were just born last night, no country has spies, they all have “intelligence analysts.”

Do take up balloon gazing, it’s a great hobby.

I highly recommend it.

Try spotting balloons from different countries flying over our skies.

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