Are You Male or Female?

New Zealand sporting star Sonny Bill Williams was attacked because of a tweet.

You must understand that in Kiwi Land, most people have nothing much to do other than counting sheep and dreaming about moving to Australia.

Williams ignited a storm of controversy on social media and was labeled “transphobic” for backing a comment from a woman who “thanked God” her parents wouldn’t let her get a sex change when she was 12.

Williams has more than 926,000 Twitter followers, the vast majority voiced disappointment and hurled vitriol at him for supporting that woman.

A typical attack: “Listen to your trans brothers and sisters instead of reposting disinformation.”

Poor bastard.

Simply stated, the fact of the matter is: there is no such thing as transgender.

You are either XX or XY, that’s it.

God made male and female.

That is determined genetically, it’s physiology, it is science, it is reality.

And science doesn’t lie.

The notion that you are something other than male or female is a social construct – not biology – intended as an assault on your Maker.

Yeah, I am a lesbian in a male body.

You must be suffering from brain damage to believe that.

Or a New Zealander.

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