Do We Need Another Mall?

JCube mall will close down in August to make way for a 40-storey residential development, to be ready in 2027. It will include two floors of commercial space.

Such “mixed-use” developments seem to be rather trendy these days.

As a result, all 200 or so malls in Singapore look the same, with the same stores.


Plus, do we really need another mall?

JCube mall is a relatively new building that opened in 2012. It houses Singapore’s only Olympic-sized skating rink and is where our national ice hockey and ice skating athletes train.

Given the current focus on sustainability and the environment, it is shocking to hear of this.

Is The Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, which has been around for 50 years, sleeping?

The Government should do more to balance the short-term benefit of development against the longer-term cost to the environment.

Capitaland, as the owner and developer, stands to benefit disproportionately from this endeavour, despite the social, environmental and economic costs.

But nobody seems to bat an eyelid over this except for a very sensible letter to the press written by someone named Eric Teo Hong Kiat.

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