Eat Shit and Die!

An award-winning German ballet director has been sacked after smearing dog shit on a critic’s face.

Marco Goecke has been the director at the Hanover Theatre since 2019 and won the 2022 German Dance prize.

He was furious about a review of one of his shows by journalist Wiebke Hüster.

Hüster’s reviewed Goecke’s show, In The Dutch Mountains, and described watching it as “like being alternately driven mad and killed by boredom.”

Goecke walked up to Hüster during the half-time break of another show and smeared a paper bag filled with his pet dachshund’s feces on her face.

Hanover State Opera said Goecke had been sacked, as his “impulsive reaction” went against its rules of conduct.

Come on, a sacking is not a fitting punishment.

Not at all.

At the very minimum, he should be forced to eat dog shit.

In the Middle East, he would have been dragged into the open and slaughtered, chopped to pieces and fed to the dogs, just like what those scumbag goat-fucking Saudi fiends did to poor Jamal Khashoggi.

My personal preference is to gas him like what that loony countryman of his, yes, that short one-testicle bastard with the funny moustache, once did to six million Jews.

Even an uneducated peasant won’t behave like him, rubbing dog shit in a woman’s face, or anyone’s face for that matter. And here we’re seeing this kind of uncivilized behavior by someone in the world of arts and culture.

But seriously, this case reminded me of people who cannot take criticism, those unable to handle even constructive feedback.

It’s hard to realize that there are improvements you can make if you are always gaming it, being an award winner, and all. You loose your humility, you begin to think you are being adored, being held up as a fount of knowledge, you think you are God, always dispensing unsolicited advice, always having the last word, being an (unwanted) Dutch uncle, thinking you are the only person in the world with the knowledge of what’s right and what’s wrong, that all others are brainless idiots.

Full blown delusions of grandeur.

Such retards, if they had any nous at all, they’d just shut the fuck up.

Come on, you don’t need an opinion on everything!

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