Bleeding Hearts at it, Again!

The Parrot Society Singapore expressed concern after videos on social media showing a woman flicking a parrot – a green-cheeked conure – on its beak and feeding the bird her saliva.

These were “dangerous and abusive acts,” said the society.

It’s gratifying to know that even parrots have an organization looking after their welfare. (Do ponder on Matthew 10:29-31.)

The society explained that flicking a parrot’s beak is like flicking a person’s lips and teeth. “That is the same amount of agonizing pain the parrot would have suffered,” its spokesman said.

That stupid bitch ought to given a taste of her own medicine. How about getting the members of the society to flick her lips and teeth till she collapses from the agonizing pain?

Now, let’s talk about house crows, those noisy, screeching birds shitting everywhere in Singapore.

House crows are not native and are an invasive species in Singapore, posing a threat to our native biodiversity, according to National Parks Board.

But a crow-trapping operation in Toa Payoh last week drew the ire of some retards, with shouts of “crows are innocent” and “animal cruelty” and “murderer” heard directed at the trappers.

Some of these hecklers also threw objects at the traps.

These two incidents reminded me of the otters in Singapore. They are treated like angels – as if they are sacred, as if they are the queen’s precious corgis – by a couple of groups here who have “adopted” them and are so protective of them, despite the fact that they have attacked people very viciously – including a little girl – resulting in grevious injuries and trauma. On several occasions they have also invaded and swam into people’s koi ponds and ate up their expensive imported koi fish.

Lob a criticism at these filthy, nasty, feral creatures and members of these groups will bite your head off without batting an eyelid.

I hope these bleeding hearts are also using their time and money to take care of their family members and relatives.

I hope they bestow more love on their loved ones, or any human being for that matter, rather than on parrots, crows and otters.

Next, let’s talk about wild boars. They too have emerged from the jungles to attack people.

A recent study published in Conservation Science and Practice says wild boars have naturally recolonized most of the viable green spaces in Singapore, except the southern forests, but are likely to do so in the next decade.

Come on, bleeding hearts, where the fuck are you? Or do you cherrypick to only “adopt” cute critters and birds like otters and parrots?

Come on, adopt some crows and pigs too!

Yes, put your money where your mouth is, let’s see you house some parrots, otters, crows and pigs in your home!

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