What’s the Fuss?

Everyone’s talking about Everything Everywhere All at Once, described as absurdist comedy-drama film, starring Michelle Yeoh, 60-year-old ballet-trained actress from Malaysia.

The film – which I didn’t enjoy – has been nominated for all kinds of shit, which surprised me. For her role, Yeoh won the Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy at Golden Globes earlier this year, which also surprised me. She is being nominated for the Oscars, becoming the first woman of Chinese descent to gain an Oscar nomination for Best Actress, which didn’t surprise me. The Golden Globes win was a “foretaste of glory divine.”

The thing is, specialized knowledge is beyond the ken of most film critics and reviewers, professionals and amateurs alike. Some critically-acclaimed films are nothing but absolutely crappy schlock and some brilliant ones are panned in the media. You know what I mean.

Yeoh was fantastic in portraying Aung San Suu Kyi in The Lady but she was lackluster in all her other roles.

Being the only Bond girl not to sleep with Double O Seven in Tomorrow Never Dies doesn’t help. Hollywood detests good girls.

Still, if Yeoh wins this Sunday, I will feel rather chuffed, and will be happy not just for her but for all Asians in the film business.

As you know – I hope you do – the Oscars have nothing to do with acting, it’s all political, and it’s time Asians get their turn to go up to the podium, grab the kitschy plastic statuette in their hands, and make meaningless and stupid speeches at the lectern.

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