2023 Confrerie du Sabre d’Or Singapore Grande Chapitre and AGM Gala Dinner

Last Saturday, I was “knighted” Commandeur at the 2023 Confrerie du Sabre d’Or Singapore Grande Chapitre and AGM Gala Dinner held at Sofitel Singapore Resort & Spa.

Of course I was ridiculed and pilloried, but that’s another story. What? Me a knight? Nah, it was some worthless accolade all in the name of fun.

Ranks in the Order are Sabreur, Chevalier-Sabreur, and after 5 years, Officier, and after another 5 years, Commandeur.

Commandeurs must successfully sabrage a Jeroboam size bottle of champagne.

A Jeroboam of Champagne, also known as a “Double Magnum” contains 3 litres of Champagne and is equal to 4 standard Champagne bottles and serves approximately 24 people.

Large bottles of Champagne are named after Biblical figures and the Jeroboam is named after two Kings of Israel, the first of whom is generally regarded as the founder of the Kingdom of Israel.

Here’s what we were served:

Pertois-Lebrun, Ambitieuse Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Extra Brut (AGM)
Pertois-Lebrun Champagne “Le Fond du Bateau” N12 (Straits Ballroom)

Cold Japanese Somen with Shaved Truffles, Yuzu and Caviar
Pertois-Lebrun, L’egoiste Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs 2012

Warm Fried Tiger Prawn with Mango Salsa Crispy Roasted Pork
Pan Seared Scallop with Cantonese “XO” Sauce
Nicolas Feuillatte Reserve – en Magnum

Creamy Mushroom Soup with Toasted Focaccia and Truffle Infused
Henri Giraud Esprit Nature NV – en Jeroboam

Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek
Mashed Potato, Garden Vegetable, Char-grilled endives and Natural Jus Taittinger: Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2011
Wine: Chateau Montrose 2011

Non-Beef Option
Pan Seared Atlantic Cod
Mashed Potato, Garden Vegetable, Char-grilled endives, Lemon Beurre Blanc

Chilled Mango Panna Cotta with Pomelo and Sago
Whisky: Glenfiddich Grand Cru 23-Year-Old
(23-year-old single malt, matured in traditional oak casks finished in French cuvee casks from Champagne)

Rum: Hampden Single Cask 8-Year-Old Domino Series Rum (Exclusive to The Rum Cartel)

A selection of vintage Cuban cigars including Cohiba Siglo VI

(During cigars, a few bottles of vintage Dom Perignon were shared.)

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