Beo Crescent Curry Png

Looks like hell, but tastes like heaven!

Late last year, when Beo Crescent Curry Png (rice) closed, foodies went into mourning.

The coffee shop (Roxy Square Kopitiam) at Beo Crescent in which the stall was situated closed for renovation for about three months, and when it re-opened after the completion of the renovation, the Hainanese-style curry png stall soon resumed business. The news was rapturously received by foodies who heaved a loud collective sigh of relief and made a beeline for it.

Beo Crescent Curry Png is a simple meal at consumer-friendly prices. You pick what to go with your rice – hot favorites being the crispy pork, chap chye (mixed vegetables), sotong (squid), soy-braised belly pork and chicken curry – and top it off with an egg done sunny side up.

A watery gravy (a mix of curry, braised belly pork sauce, and chap chye gravy) is then doused over your plate. (You may also opt for their spicy assam gravy.) You then sit yourself down, roll up your sleeves and savor the delicious dish. Gastronomic orgasm! It’s a complete meal – carbs, proteins, vegetables. It’s not very “photogenic” or Instagrammable but at about five or six bucks, (Singapore dollars!) depending on what you picked to go with your rice, what more can you ask for?

Beo Crescent Curry Png has been operating since the 80s, serving the same food with consistent standard for some 40 years.

The snaking queues attest to that. They open from 7am and close after lunch. Be prepared for a wait of at least 30 minutes.

Address: Block 40, Beo Cresent, Singapore 160040. The stall hasn’t got a signboard but it’s not difficult to spot. Just look for a long line of hungry customers.

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