San Cristobal Jarra Torreon

2000 jars of The San Cristobal de la Habana Jarra Torreon were released in 2012.

Torreon, means “tower” in Spanish. The name pays tribute to the watchtower of the historical fortress “El Morro”, which in the past watched over the harbor entrance of Havana.

The bright yellow jar is a gorgeously unique porcelain jar which transforms itself into an ashtray when the lid is turned upside down.

Each jar contains 25 exquisite hand-rolled cigars. Each is about 6 inches long, with a 54 ring gauge. By now, just over ten years after its release, it smokes divine.

Top notes reminiscent of salted caramel and creamy coffee could be detected, followed by bold floral bouquets and a warm earthiness as though one could smell the terroir of a vineyard and petrichor following a light rain in spring. The flavor strength increases gradually as I smoked, leading to a most satisfying medium finish. It’s like a wedding night well consummated with a dream bride. The best thing to do after such a smoke is a long, uninterrupted sleep, to be awaken by the golden rays of the morning sun the next morning.

Yup, that’s me waxing lyrical.

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