The Vanished


William smoked my cigars, drank my booze, ate meals I treated him to and even went for vacation I paid for. (At one time, I was a joint-owner of a small private jet.)

Then William met with a terrible personal crisis in his life involving his family. I helped him out to the tune of a hundred thousand US dollars. Yup, just gave him cold, hard greenbacks and not expecting him to pay me back. That’s just me. If a problem can be solved with money, then it’s not a problem. And money gone can always be earned back.

William was thankful.

But he disappeared from my life.

I’m not surprised though. I’ve had other people whom I’ve helped vanished on me too.

I remind them of the hell they went through so they cancel me cognitively.

Still, I am only human and it would be great if you tell me why you have decided not to stay in touch anymore.

It’s also about good manners and about being grateful.

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