Macron’s Faux Pas

“Got you by the scrotum ha ha!”

Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron is an idiot who is now the French president.

He fucked up international relations on a visit to China in April by declaring that it was not Europe’s business “getting caught up in crisis that are not ours.” In the name of “strategic autonomy”, he said, Europe should be not be “followers” of America on a crisis like Taiwan.

In one fell swoop, he undermined allied support for Taiwan, and helped China to further Emperor Xi’s ambition to divide Europeans and decouple Europe from America.

During a university campus tour in Guangzhou, Macron got the movie star treatment, with shouts of “We love you!” and rapturous applause from screaming student fans, a far cry from the verbal abuse he has been getting from angry protesters back home.

Not only that, he committed a major social faux pas by ignoring Chinese diplomatic protocol by inviting along Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, a German politician who is serving as the president of the European Commission.

Macron spent no fewer than six hours in private, one-on-one discussions with the Emperor, including over tea in Guangzhou. von der Leyen got the cold shoulder treatment – her voice was largely unheard and she was treated with the bare minimum of courtesy. She was received by lowly officials at the airport and went through the regular passenger terminal rather than the VIP arrival facilities. She took no part in state dinners and played only a walk-on part in the discussions with the Emperor.

I am no high profile politician but Macron’s inviting von der Leyen reminded me of a birthday party organized for me some years back. Someone on the guest list came with two friends – uninvited guests, people I don’t know, they are his friends. I found it a horrible breach of social etiquette (not just because three of them came empty-handed) but what was even more unacceptable was the person left five minutes after arriving, leaving his friends at the party to stuff their faces with caviar and champagne, among other food and drinks.

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