Every Mother’s Son

To be a professor, you would need a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, a PhD, acquire teaching and research experience, become a lecturer, conduct research and publish in reputable peer-reviewed journals.

There’s of course a non-traditional route.

Certain institutions, particularly business and arts schools, have the practice of bestowing the title of “professor” upon individuals who excel in specific fields, (or those who are great in marketing themselves). For instance, a school might appoint a renowned musician as a professor within their music department. Similarly, individuals with notable accomplishments and supposed significant contributions in business, industry, technology, and other specialized domains can attain the position of professor, even in the absence of a master’s or doctorate degree.

As a result, my physiotherapist is now a professor, a former journalist is now a professor, someone who used to act in local TV dramas is now also a professor.

Every mother’s son – and daughter – is now a fucking professor!

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