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You Found What?!

What have you found? A pair of jeans? From 1966 to 1977, a parachurch organization launched an evangelical campaign named “I Found It!” Ten different types of media were used. Remember, this was before the Internet. Every other day, people … Continue reading

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Confirmed Croaked?

Tiagong that coprophagic protohominid, that chromosomally deviant caricature of vulvovaginal candidiasis, that putrescence mass, that walking vomit, that waste of flesh afflicted with cloacal exstrophy has croaked, around the last week of September/first week of October. Heard it yesterday, greeted … Continue reading

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Burning Brighter – Out Now!

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Master Guru of Snake Oil

Peter Drucker hated being called a “guru.” People used the word, he said, only because “charlatan” was too hard to spell. I am also wary of people who prefix their names with “Master” or refer to themselves as “Master” something … Continue reading

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39th Wedding Anniversary

Thirty-nine years ago, at the tender ages of 27 and 26, we embarked on our journey into matrimony. It was a time of halcyon enchantment, where the cares of the world appeared distant and unreal. Those days, oh, how they … Continue reading

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In the intricate dance of human interactions, the concept of “give and take” is a fundamental principle that underpins harmonious relationships and societal balance. At its core, this concept revolves around the reciprocity of actions and the understanding that every … Continue reading

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“Responsibility” is Not a Cheap Word

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around people who say they will do something but then fail to do it. They place zero weightage on the word “responsibility.” To walk away from promises is moral turpitude as far as … Continue reading

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