Master Guru of Snake Oil

Peter Drucker hated being called a “guru.” People used the word, he said, only because “charlatan” was too hard to spell.

I am also wary of people who prefix their names with “Master” or refer to themselves as “Master” something or other like “Master trainer” or “Master chef” or “Master tailor” etc.

I keep a wary eye on those egoistic pricks who refer to themselves as something “Master” like “Reiki Master,” or “Kung Fu Master” etc.

And I resist the urge to puke when I come across shitheads who refer to themselves as “Grand Master” this and “Grand Master” that. Those are the worst! “Grand” my  fat lardy ass!

Also, I think gullible and psychologically fragile mental weaklings who refer to their teachers or counselors as “masters” or “gurus” are stupid, clueless and vulnerable and have already been scammed or conned, often without even realizing that they have been scammed or conned.

Well, there’s a sucker born every minute, a quote believed to be said by P T Barnum, who was a master con man, oops!

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