You Found What?!

What have you found?

A pair of jeans?

From 1966 to 1977, a parachurch organization launched an evangelical campaign named “I Found It!” Ten different types of media were used. Remember, this was before the Internet. Every other day, people saw the message “I Found It!” staring in their faces. Those three words were everywhere you can imagine them to be possibly on – in the newspapers, on billboards, on posters in coffee shops, on bumper stickers stuck to cars, etc; it was impossible not to notice the slogan.

The parachurch organization partnered with 200 churches and used the slogan to prepare the ground. The aim was to present Christianity to the population, but just before its culmination (in a mass rally), there was a small “hijack” of sorts. A local company selling jeans placed an ad teasing readers by saying “Yes, I Found It!” and then started to advertise its jeans.

Nevertheless, the parachurch organization claimed victory, by claiming that through the campaign, the gospel reached more than seventy thousand people and resulted in more than five thousand of them signing up for classes to know more about Christianity.

Sun Tzu says “Know your enemy, know yourself, a hundred battles, a hundred victories.”

If the parachurch organization had enough intel to work with, its campagn, costing tens of thousands of dollars, would not have ended in an anticlimactic whimper. Imagine how much more powerful the campaign’s impact would have been if people had not been distracted by the advert from the jeans company.

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