Confirmed Croaked!

One of the greatest warmongers in the world!

Heinz Alfred Kissinger, a figure synonymous with moral bankruptcy, orchestrated a heinous chapter in US history by spearheading the indiscriminate three-year long carpet-bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War. This ruthless secret campaign claimed the lives of at least 150,000 innocent civilians and played a pivotal role in paving the way for the barbaric Khmer Rouge regime.

Kissinger also sanctioned dropping two million tons of bombs on Laos. Unexploded ordnance from that campaign continues to claim lives today.

Kissinger also incited and enabled Indonesia’s genocide in East Timor which resulted in a brutal occupation and the killing of around 200,000 people.

Kissinger’s nefarious influence extended beyond Southeast Asia, as he actively guided the US government in subverting a democratically elected government in Chile, setting the stage for a reprehensible military coup. His counsel also led to the arming of Pakistan’s tyrannical dictator, whose regime callously slaughtered at least 200,000 inhabitants of present-day Bangladesh.

In a chilling display of callousness, Kissinger, in 1976, provided unwavering support to right-wing military leaders in Argentina, urging them to expedite their oppressive actions with the chilling words, “If there are things that have to be done, you should do them quickly.” The consequence was a ghastly era marked by widespread human rights abuses, where tens of thousands of individuals endured torture, assassination, or the sinister act of being “disappeared.”

Despite being an architect of war and suffering, Kissinger shockingly shared in the accolades of a Nobel Peace Prize. This disturbing irony reached new heights when he found an ally in then-President Trump, who, with alarming obliviousness, praised Kissinger’s “immense talent,” further highlighting the moral bankruptcy that seems to be a recurring theme in Kissinger’s legacy.

Despite being a Jew himself, Kissinger once told Nixon “If they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern.” This was when Jews were persecuted in the USSR.

Kissinger was also instrumental in Turkiye’s invasion of Greece and Cyprus.

There are also other atrocities he was complicit in.

If this post won’t stimulate you out of your somnolance to realize that Kissinger was no saint, but a war criminal and a diabolical war-mongering Nazi with oceans of blood on his hands, then you have no hope of being able to ever understand anything.

Kissinger croaked on Wednesday. I have no doubt Lucifer in hell knows what to do with him.

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