Roia, Singapore Botanic Gardens

Roia, the newly-opened French fine-dining restaurant is housed in the former residence of colonial-era assistant director of the Botanical Gardens. (The Gardens is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.)

Roia is helmed by a 33-year-old chef who is the recipient of the Chevalier de l’Ordre du Merite Agricole.

The menu delves into classic French culinary techniques, weaving a narrative rooted in a distinct sense of location. Emphasizing the botanical richness of the Botanic Gardens, the chef – who has worked all over the world – selectively gathers essential herbs and flowers to create a gastronomic experience that reflects the unique surroundings.

Some notable dishes:

Australian Avocado, Green Apple, Mango Sorbet

Hokkaido Scallop, Yoghurt, Finger Lime

Confit Egg Yolk, Girolle, Mushroom Velouté (A generous amount of Périgord truffle was shaved onto the dish before serving)

My favorite dish: Maison Burgaud Challandais Duck, Kinjiso Spinach, Orange Jus

Charentais Melon, Sweet Basil Vinaigrette

Sea Salt Caramel, Jaggery Tart
Strawberry Pate de Fruit

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