Don’t Let the Old Man In

Yesterday, 22nd of February, after the
Moët & Chandon was sabraged and quaffed and the Beluga stuffed into faces and savored, my thoughts turned to Clint Eastwood.

It is said that some years ago, when country singer Toby Keith met Clint Eastwood at a golf course, he asked the legendary actor and director “What keeps you going at your age?”

It is believed that Clint Eastwood responded by saying:

Every day when I wake up, I don’t let the old man in. My secret has been the same since 1959: staying busy. I never let the old man into the house. I’ve had to drag him out because he was already comfortably settled, bothering me all the time, leaving no space for anything other than nostalgia. You have to stay active, alive, happy, strong, and capable. It’s in us, in our intelligence, attitude, and mentality. We are young, regardless of our ID. We must learn to fight to not let the old man in.

That old man awaits us, stationed and tired by the side of the road to discourage us. I don’t let the old, critical, hostile, envious spirit in – the one that scrutinizes our past to tie us up with complaints and distant anxieties, or relived traumas and waves of pain.

You have to turn your back on the old murmurer, full of rage and complaints, lacking courage, denying himself that old age can be creative, determined, and full of light and projection.

Aging can be pleasant and even fun if you know how to use your time if you’re satisfied with what you’ve achieved, and if you still maintain enthusiasm.

The famous Clint Eastwood, with ten Oscar nominations, of which he has won four – all after crossing the threshold of 60 – will be 94 this year. (He was still directing and acting when he was past 90.)

I wish I could be like him, still going strong as a nonagenarian.

I must learn to fight to not let the old man in.

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