Robotic-assisted Hip Arthroplasty/Total Hip Replacement – Direct Anterior Approach

Today is D-Day.

Getting myself a new left hip!

Years of suffering from osteoarthritis of my left hip will end today.

But forget the traditional muscle-cutting approach – Prof Pang Hee Nee at Singapore General Hospital is revolutionizing the process by skillfully navigating between the muscles in my thigh. Traditionally, surgeons would cut through the muscles in the buttocks, but Dr Pang’s approach is through the front.

This innovative technique means less pain and a speedier recovery. No more worrying about stitching muscles back together! Instead of the usual cut, Dr Pang will gently pull the muscles apart, expertly avoiding blood vessels and nerves, to perform the necessary operation on the bone beneath.

I was told the surgery will be done in the morning, I would be able to walk in the afternoon, and go home the next day!

And the new hip will last me at least 20 years!

That, plus the ongoing treatment for my spine – I suffer from stenosis of the spinal canal, leading to pinched nerves – life should get better and more pain free.

Fingers crossed and hip hip hooray!

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