Burn Speed Demons at the Stake!

The 17-year-old was in this car.

The two fatalities of a horrific multi-vehicle traffic accident earlier this week were laid to rest yesterday – a 57-year-old very well-loved woman and a very bright 17-year-old junior college girl full of potential.

There are lots of speculation online as to the genesis of the tragic crash – which driver of which car started it, who was chasing who, which driver sped like crazy, beat the red light and slammed into vehicles at the road junction, resulting in the horrendous accident that sent eight people to the hospital – including two 11-year-old kids – and killing two.

I’m sure the truth will come out soon. And Singaporeans expect those guilty to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Last September; a jobless man was jailed for six weeks for stealing three cans of Coca-Cola. If I have my way, the guilty party who caused this accident should be caned and jailed. Know what I mean?

Having lived and traveled all over the world, all I can say is that we have some of the worst drivers in the world – many don’t give way, they speed up and block you when they see you signaling to change lanes, they honk incessantly, unnecessarily, they are super impatient and they drive like speed demons. I see an acquaintance transform into an ugly monster each time I am in his car. Each ride with this person sends my heart palpitating like crazy. Luckily, I only meet him only like three times a year.

These despicable retarded jackasses need to realize that the next victim they or others like them claim might be someone as close to them as their own mother or daughter.

Other countries may see mass shootings occurring often in schools, etc and people’s hearts grow cold and become desensitized as they are used to such news but here in Singapore, our population is small and we have a tightly-knit community living as one people, therefore precious lives lost needlessly and cut down in such an atrocious manner is something that breaks each of our hearts.

Traffic accidents claimed the lives of 136 people in 2023, a 25.9% jump from the 108 deaths in 2022, according to the Traffic Police’s annual statistics report released in February.

So, please, drive like a decent human being.

Drive like you have actually attended driving school, taken driving lessons.

I pay attention to actions, not words. I hear what many people say about what careful drivers they are, but I see how they act.

And my conclusion is still that we have some of the worst drivers in the world.

Maybe some of you bastards ought to have your mother or daughter mowed down and killed on our roads before you wake the fuck up.

Maybe the authorities should make drivers pass a test every couple of years in order to have their licenses renewed.

If not, every vehicle on our roads is just a killing machine, like another gun.

And soon, people will not feel a thing when they see dead bodies on our roads.

Is this the Singapore we want?

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