Why I Quit Clinical Work

Dear Therapist,

When I married my husband, he had two adult children, and I had none. We both wanted to have a child together, but my husband had a vasectomy after his second child was born — too long ago to get the procedure reversed.

We didn’t want to use a sperm bank, so we asked my husband’s son to be the donor. We felt that was the best decision: Our child would have my husband’s genes, and we knew my stepson’s health, personality, and intelligence. He agreed to help.

Our daughter is 30 now. How do we tell her that her “father” is her grandfather, her “brother” is her father, her “sister” is her aunt, and her “nephew” is her half-brother?

My husband and I are anxious, confused, and worried about telling her. This is also hard on my husband, because he wants our daughter to know that he will always and forever be her father.

Thank you for any advice you have to offer.



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But Money is Money

Financial Times recently disclosed that Oxford University continues to woo the Sackler family. The Sacklers (current wealth is said to exceed US$11 million) dump shitloads of money on Oxford, enough for them to enjoy naming rights to university buildings and fellowships. They own Purdue Pharma, producer of OxyContin, a pain killer containing fentanyl, which is being abused by opiate addicts. In the US alone, fentanyl has claimed 107,000 lives in the year to August 2022.

In fact, overdoses have replaced suicide as the leading cause of death for Americans under 45 years of age, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data.

The drug is 50 to 100 times stronger than morphine and 15 to 100 times stronger than heroin.

Last year, the US Drug Enforcement Agency seized 379 million doses of fentanyl, enough, it said, to kill every man, woman and children in the US.

Mexico’s biggest drug cartels, the Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation, source the precursor chemicals required to make synthetic opioids from China – yes, it’s always the fucking Chinese – manufacture the drugs at secret factories in Mexico and then smuggle them into the US.

Some shipments involved pills known as rainbow fentanyl, which come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and are specifically targeted at children. TARGETED AT CHILDREN!!! What the fuck!

Family Against Fentanyl is pressing the Biden administration to officially declare fentanyl a “weapon of mass destruction.”

Megan Kapler is an activist at another group called Prescription Addiction Intervention, the campaign group founded specifically to target the Sacklers’ “toxic philanthropy.” She said: “For institutions to maintain the Sackler name is to be complicit in their death toll, full stop. And that also goes for including them in their social circles. We would call on Oxford to pay attention to the origin of the money of their benefactors.”

Other institutions have already cut ties with the Sacklers.

But I guess, when it comes to money or principles, most will opt for money, Oxford included.

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Kids at Play

It’s 2023 not 2023BC but retarded adults are still infantizing issues and resorting to lawfare to get back at their adversaries.

A sore loser in Singapore filed two lawsuits against a woman who refused to date him, alleging she caused him emotional trauma after telling him she wanted to be only friends.

He sought over S$3 million for the “emotional trauma.”

A clear case of DARVO: Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender, an acroymn coined by Prof Jennifer Joy Freyd in 1997.

Freyd used DARVO to describe a common strategy of abusers. The abuser may: Deny the abuse ever took place, Attack the victim for attempting to hold the abuser accountable; and claim that they, the abuser, are the real victim in the situation, thus Reversing the Victim and Offender.

The woman countersued – of course! – and sought damages of about S$480/- for installing equipment meant for her safety and another S$1,000/- for expenses incurred while engaging in counseling and “healing” sessions.

Yup, not a single adult in the room; as pathetic and as performative as recent speeches by comedians Biden and Putin.

No one is quaking in his or her boots.

It’s just silly optics.

Kids and their games.

Sigh, when will people grow the fuck up?!

By the way, Freyd herself is not without controversy; do a search on her on the Internet and you’ll uncover some shit too.

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Bleeding Hearts at it, Again!

The Parrot Society Singapore expressed concern after videos on social media showing a woman flicking a parrot – a green-cheeked conure – on its beak and feeding the bird her saliva.

These were “dangerous and abusive acts,” said the society.

It’s gratifying to know that even parrots have an organization looking after their welfare. (Do ponder on Matthew 10:29-31.)

The society explained that flicking a parrot’s beak is like flicking a person’s lips and teeth. “That is the same amount of agonizing pain the parrot would have suffered,” its spokesman said.

That stupid bitch ought to given a taste of her own medicine. How about getting the members of the society to flick her lips and teeth till she collapses from the agonizing pain?

Now, let’s talk about house crows, those noisy, screeching birds shitting everywhere in Singapore.

House crows are not native and are an invasive species in Singapore, posing a threat to our native biodiversity, according to National Parks Board.

But a crow-trapping operation in Toa Payoh last week drew the ire of some retards, with shouts of “crows are innocent” and “animal cruelty” and “murderer” heard directed at the trappers.

Some of these hecklers also threw objects at the traps.

These two incidents reminded me of the otters in Singapore. They are treated like angels – as if they are sacred, as if they are the queen’s precious corgis – by a couple of groups here who have “adopted” them and are so protective of them, despite the fact that they have attacked people very viciously – including a little girl – resulting in grevious injuries and trauma. On several occasions they have also invaded and swam into people’s koi ponds and ate up their expensive imported koi fish.

Lob a criticism at these filthy, nasty, feral creatures and members of these groups will bite your head off without batting an eyelid.

I hope these bleeding hearts are also using their time and money to take care of their family members and relatives.

I hope they bestow more love on their loved ones, or any human being for that matter, rather than on parrots, crows and otters.

Next, let’s talk about wild boars. They too have emerged from the jungles to attack people.

A recent study published in Conservation Science and Practice says wild boars have naturally recolonized most of the viable green spaces in Singapore, except the southern forests, but are likely to do so in the next decade.

Come on, bleeding hearts, where the fuck are you? Or do you cherrypick to only “adopt” cute critters and birds like otters and parrots?

Come on, adopt some crows and pigs too!

Yes, put your money where your mouth is, let’s see you house some parrots, otters, crows and pigs in your home!

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Bowdlerizing Roald Dahl

The recent decision by publisher Puffin, in conjunction with The Roald Dahl Story Company, to make several hundred revisions to new editions of Roald Dahl’s novels is nothing short of censorship.

The changes, recommended by “sensitivity readers” – whoever or whatever the fuck “sensitivity readers” are – include removing or replacing words describing the appearance of characters, and adding gender-neutral language in places. For instance, Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is no longer “fat” but “enormous.” Mrs Twit, from The Twits, has become “beastly” rather than “ugly and beastly.” In Matilda, the protagonist no longer reads the works of Rudyard Kipling – whose books are considered controversial – but “safe” and prudish Jane Austen. In Fantastic Mr Fox, the tractors are not “black” but “murderous, brutal-looking monsters.” Also, all references to “mothers” and “fathers” have been replaced with “parents” or “family.”

Not only have certain words (or indeed, phrases) been effaced, but additional material has also been added.

A new line has been inserted in The Witches that reads, “There are plenty of other reasons why women might wear wigs and there is certainly nothing wrong with that.”

An attempts to allay a part explaining that the witches are actually bald underneath their wigs?

Cancel culture in the literary world is not new. Dr Seuss suffered the same fate.

Why are we using today’s “standards” to judge past norms?

If we do that, the Bible – full of murder, adultery, incest, etc – should be burned, statues should be pulled down – Ceceil Rhodes and Winston Churchill were racist bigots, Chiang Kai-shek slaughtered 18,000 in 1947, while suppressing an uprising in Taipei, Gandhi slept naked with pubescent girls and Robert E Lee was a slave owner – and even Shakespeare’s works should be pulverized. His Romeo and Juliet is about a teenage couple who committed suicide! Oh my!

Michelle Smith of Monash University says though many aspects of the fictional past may not accord with the ideal version of the world we might wish to present to today’s kids, as adults we can help them to navigate that history, rather than rewriting it.

Suzanne Nossel, chief executive of Pen America, an organization that supports freedom of expression, said the organization was “alarmed” by the changes and that selective editing could “represent a dangerous new weapon.”

Do we simply rewrite classic novels every so often, with every fresh wave of groupthink outrage, scouring for thought crime until they are no longer recognizable as a product of their time or author? Or do we let them be? I’m for the latter. – Simon Dillon

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Longtaitou on Er Yue Er

On, er yue er, the second day of the second month of the Chinese calendar – this past Tuesday – I’ve been asked if I’ve had a haircut.

Apparently Chinese people call the day longtaitou day, ie the day when the “dragon raises its head” meaning “the spring awakens after winter” so it’s time for a haircut to get lucky.

A 2020 writeup I came across says that Cao Baoming, deputy chief of China Society for the Study of Folk Literature and Art, explains that the lucky haircut tradition comes from the folklore that in ancient times when the dragon, believed in Chinese mythology to be the king of all creatures and the ancestor of all humans, starts to awaken at the start of spring. People, wanting a fresh start as well, would go to the barber to get a haircut. Nowadays, especially in China, barber shops and hairdressing salons see long lines of customers trying to get in on this “auspicious” day. Some are said to stay open late to cope with the influx of customers.

I’ve been a Chinese since I was born in Singapore 66 years ago but I’ve never heard of this haircut practice before.

Cao Baoming notwithstanding, I suspect it’s something concocted by barbers and hairdressers!

Too bad they won’t be able to make even one cent from me as I shave my own head.

The money saved goes to my CPF (Cigar Purchase Fund).

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Bone or Bane?

Today God has considered me worthy of His grace to start another year of life in this land of the living. I’m filled with gratitude but I lament the fact that euthanasia is still not permitted here.

Singaporeans are living longer but there is one segment of their lives that health experts and the authorities want to shorten – their years spent in ill health.

The average of eight years, out of a total of 82, that Singaporeans spend in ill health was put in sharp focus by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in a speech back in 2017.

The Prime Minister cited figures from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015.

The study was by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. It is one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date analyses of the state of the world’s health.

Broken down by gender, Singapore’s females had an average of nine years of ill health in 2015, compared to 10.1 for Japan and 10.3 for South Korea.

Singapore’s men had 7.5 years of ill health on average, compared to 8.4 for Japan and 8.2 for South Korea.

I hope I will stay healthy for a long, long time. I don’t want to spend my old age wracked with pain, suffering Anhedonia, being transmogrified into a half-dead, shriveled living vegetable full of rotting, pus-oozing bedsores, being fed pureed food through a tube in the nose and peeing and shitting into diapers.

If I can’t spend my sunset years traveling the world, eating and drinking whatever I enjoy, then please, give me assisted suicide.

Or pull the plug on me!

You’ll have my eternal gratitude.

The secret is to die, God willing, when you want to, and not when He proposes. – Eduviges Dyada, in Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo

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If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?

A Swedish study on 59,000 men entitled The Plateauing of Cognitive Ability among Top Earners by sociologists Marc Keuschnigg, Arnout van de Rijt and Thijs Bol has shown that the brainiest people and the biggest earners are two largely separate groups.

Indeed, the highest-earning 1 per cent and the brainiest 1 per cent seem to be two largely separate groups, with little overlap. Simon Kuper, who wrote about the study in his Financial Times column, asked “If that’s so, how should we treat each elite?”

Well for a start, billionaires prancing around Davos pretending to be “thought leaders” can be ignored.

Davos, a geographically constrained closed network of a select few, just had its annual meeting a month ago. Official attendance is by invitation only

Wrapped in the rhetoric of changing the world and solving inequality, what we have is a collection of the rich and famous eating caviar, quaffing champagne, uttering meaningless Churchillian pronouncements and making deals at Davos, officially known as WEF: World Economic Forum.

Very impressive!

Meanwhile creators and doers who were likely not at Davos have changed the world in ways never imagined. These are the unsung heroes.

Corporations who hold membership in WEF send a small number of key delegates to the meeting in Davos based on their membership tier.

If you get an invitation, it’s a big fucking deal; you go to town with it and blitz it on LinkedIn and all forms of social media and announce to the whole world. The message is “My dick is very much bigger than yours. In fact, mine is probably the biggest dick in the world!”

I wasn’t invited. I obviously have a very small dick.

That’s why I’m rushing out to buy a BMW.

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The Blood in His Hands

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Türkiye is in deep shit for overseeing a sweeping 2018 amnesty program that “forgave” faults in millions of buildings across Türkiye.

About half of Türkiye’s stock of buildings, or about 13 million units, do not comply with standards, according to a 2019 estimate by Türkiye’s own environment ministry.

Erdogan’s government approved buildings that had breached a broad set of basic licensing, design and safety rules.

Urban planning specialists said the program was a vote-winning measure pushed through before the 2018 presidential election that Erdogan won.

The amnesty program works if you pay a “fine.” It gives retroactive permits to structures built without planning permission, or not up to code. Those standards include fire protection and seismic standards.

The BBC quoted Pelin Pinar Giritlioglu, head of Istanbul’s branch of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects, assaying that between 70,000-75,000 buildings in the earthquake zone had “benefitted from the policy.”

Kemal Kilicdaroglu, leader of the opposition CHP party, said the government had turned “houses into graves” through the amnesty and on top of that “took money for it.”

Yes, along the way, huge sums of money (those so-called “fines”) were involved. The program collected about US$4.2 billion, according to Türkiye’s environment ministry.

A resurfaced video making its rounds shows Erdogan boasting about granting amnesty for buildings that didn’t meet earthquake construction codes, according to local media.

At least 70,000 buildings in areas where the recent devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck and killed over 40,000 people, were approved by the Erdogan government. As a result, 345,000 apartments are known to have been destroyed, according to the BBC. In total, an estimated one million Turkish people are now homeless due to the earthquake.

The video shows Erdogan on his electioneering campaign trail.

One stop was in Kahramanmaras, the recent earthquake’s epicenter. There, in 2019, he said: “We have solved the problems of 144,556 Kahramanmaras citizens with the amnesty.” In other words, upon paying a “fine” the Erdogan government turned a blind eye towards shoddy building standards, buildings could then be erected quickly and people would have houses.

The disaster, which has now surpassed the massively fatal 1939 Erzincan quake in fatalities, has killed over 46,000 people in Türkiye and several thousands more in neighboring Syria, with countless number of buildings toppled because the Erdogan government has accepted money to deliberately to ignore building standards.

Erdogan should be punished for committing mass murder!

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Eat Shit and Die!

An award-winning German ballet director has been sacked after smearing dog shit on a critic’s face.

Marco Goecke has been the director at the Hanover Theatre since 2019 and won the 2022 German Dance prize.

He was furious about a review of one of his shows by journalist Wiebke Hüster.

Hüster’s reviewed Goecke’s show, In The Dutch Mountains, and described watching it as “like being alternately driven mad and killed by boredom.”

Goecke walked up to Hüster during the half-time break of another show and smeared a paper bag filled with his pet dachshund’s feces on her face.

Hanover State Opera said Goecke had been sacked, as his “impulsive reaction” went against its rules of conduct.

Come on, a sacking is not a fitting punishment.

Not at all.

At the very minimum, he should be forced to eat dog shit.

In the Middle East, he would have been dragged into the open and slaughtered, chopped to pieces and fed to the dogs, just like what those scumbag goat-fucking Saudi fiends did to poor Jamal Khashoggi.

My personal preference is to gas him like what that loony countryman of his, yes, that short one-testicle bastard with the funny moustache, once did to six million Jews.

Even an uneducated peasant won’t behave like him, rubbing dog shit in a woman’s face, or anyone’s face for that matter. And here we’re seeing this kind of uncivilized behavior by someone in the world of arts and culture.

But seriously, this case reminded me of people who cannot take criticism, those unable to handle even constructive feedback.

It’s hard to realize that there are improvements you can make if you are always gaming it, being an award winner, and all. You loose your humility, you begin to think you are being adored, being held up as a fount of knowledge, you think you are God, always dispensing unsolicited advice, always having the last word, being an (unwanted) Dutch uncle, thinking you are the only person in the world with the knowledge of what’s right and what’s wrong, that all others are brainless idiots.

Full blown delusions of grandeur.

Such retards, if they had any nous at all, they’d just shut the fuck up.

Come on, you don’t need an opinion on everything!

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