Are There No More Ladies in Singapore?


At Starbucks, Jem, Jurong Gateway Road, last Thursday, two woman – one was accompanied by a child – sat for a good two hours at least, talking on top of their voices, oblivious of the other customers around them, WITHOUT buying a single drink from Starbucks. (See picture above.)

This happened during the busy breakfast hour when potential customers were looking for places to sit. It’s bad enough that almost every single Starbucks has turned into “libraries” where students park themselves all day, buy one of the cheapest drinks available, and take over the entire cafe. Why the fuck do students need to study at Starbucks? I’ve said enough on this blog already, do a search for my posts related to this subject if you care.

I remember overhearing my mum educating my sis many years ago when we were still young, on how to behave like a lady.

Nowadays I see more and more of our women bellowing like foghorns in public. Those two in Starbucks last Thursday were not only talking so loudly, they were laughing and guffawing in a most unladylike and obnoxious manner; I mean, the entire Starbucks reverberated with the din they were causing. What message is being sent to that kid (partially hidden in the picture above) with them? And talking about uncouth women, I notice many of our women today sauntering around in shorts so tiny that half their butts could be seen, not to mention their butt cracks, while some sit with their legs widely open, with nary a care in the world.

Sure I believe in women’s lib and have nothing against women burning their bras and sure, I sympathize with those who find the weather kinda hot here but such visual assaults are really repulsive! Well, there’s no accounting for taste, I guess. Anyway, if a man forgets to zip his fly, he’ll probably be accused of indecent exposure, but women seem to get away with intentional “wardrobe malfunctions.”

It’s time we teach our women how to behave in a more civilized manner!

I hope AWARE is aware of this.

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